Swimming pool fence

A swimming pool fence can add some safety to every homeowner backyard and can even prevent  drowning deaths. What is good about them is that pool fences can be easily installed.


Creating a plan

  1. Start making a plan for the swimming pool by measuring the deck with a spool of thick twine or a garden hose.
    The distance between the edge of the pool and the fence should be of around 2 feet.
  2. Decide where you want the gate to be and map it out. Pool gates are usually between 3 and 6 feet wide.
  3. Measure the length of the twine and see how much fencing you have to buy.

Installing the fence

  1. Find a piece of cardboard of about 42 inches long and cut two holes 36 inches apart. This distance will help you install the fence poles.
  2. Make another hole at a distance of 2 ½ inches from one of the previous holes. This is the distance you have to keep between fence sections. This way you have created yourself a drilling template.
  3. Using the drill template, mark with a waterproof marker the hole where you will drill. Holding the template in a steady position, you have to mark the holes for the signs you have made on the cardboard. Do this until you complete the entire fence.
  4. Compare the drill bit with the length of the plastic sleeves that you will install into the concrete.
  5. In order to drill only as needed, use a piece of tape around the drill bit in order to know when to stop. The moment you see the tape, you realize that you have drilled a hole with a perfect size.
  6. When you drill the cement, use protective eye-wear and heavy-duty work gloves.
  7. Use the drill on hammer mode to be easier for you to drill the cement.
  8. Get rid of the loose cement.
  9. After the holes have been done, push some plastic sleeves in them and insert the fence poles into the sleeves. The sleeves have to be inserted until they reach the bottom of the hole.
  10. Arrange the poles and mesh which in the end will form the pool fence.
  11. Start working from the gate-end of the pool by inserting the fence poles. The mesh has to be pulled off behind you all the time.
  12. Find the openings in the upper-most part of the first and last fence poles. These two poles will be used to attach the spring-loaded hook for the fence gate.


  • You can find pool fences that have fence poles already installed in plastic sleeves in order to move them easily. This way you can create a larger space when you have pool parties.
  • Fencing specifications can be verified on a local home and garden store.
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