The functionality of the swinging electric gate operators

With the help of the electric gate operators, anyone can open and close a gate without any manual operation. These devices can be used either for swing gates or sliding gates.

Any gate will start moving immediately when the electric gate opener receives an impulse from one of these devices: remote control, keypad or sensor.

After the impulse is sent, the gate is opened by the operator and kept this way until the traffic is done. Using an opening arm, the operator is capable of moving the gate in which direction it’s necessary. Every move is coordinated from a control box which can be found on the gate post, close to the gate hinge. The control box itself gets radio signals and only after that, it instructs the operators to do what they need to do. The power for the control box comes from a battery which needs to be changed from time to time. Besides the battery, solar panels can be an alternative for the power source.

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