Tips about picket fences

Picket fences are the perfect choice when you want to limit your property to contain toys, different objects or flowers. These fences look very good, giving your house a polished look, but they are situated low above the ground and for this reason they still provide a high visibility into your yard. This type of fence consists of pickets (or individual boards) with spaces between them and don’t come in a wide range of styles, so if you want a solid privacy fence this is not the thing for you.

Despite the fact that they don’t come in many styles, picket fences are made from various materials:

  • Cedar picket fences have a reddish tint, are strong and resistant to rot and insects and above all they give out a pleasant smell.
  • Treated pine lumber picket fences are also resistant to rot and insects, have a yellowish tint and is long-lasting.
  • Vinyl picket fences are generally white.

Picket fences have several advantages, such as: you can leave as much space between the pickets as you want and each picket is available in prefabricated sections that are easy to install by attaching to the vertical support poles. There are 2 types of pickets: single pickets and prefabricated pickets. These 2 have different styles on the tops: the Gothic picket, French Gothic picket and French Gothic pointed picket present a slightly-pointed to very-pointed top. If you want something to resent to the shape of a privacy fence on top, dog-ear pickets might be perfect.

If you finally decide for a picket fence, you must first decide about the post placement and gates and check to see if the area permits picket fences.

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