Types of fence post caps

A great and cheap way to give your fence a pleasant appearance is adding post caps. You have numerous and various options, especially when it comes to vinyl and wood fences. In this article you will find information on what types of post caps you can choose for the two types of fences and how you can install them easily.

1. Post caps for wood fences

Wooden fence caps come in simple designs but you have a great variety to choose from: spheres, flat top shapes, simple pyramids, etc. Solar powered caps are also available for this type of fences. In order to furnish your caps onto the fence you will need either nails or adhesive. However, we advise you to use nails if you want the cap to be more stable.

2. Post caps for vinyl fences

Given the fact that posts of vinyl fences are more modern than the wooden ones, the caps come in more varying shapes, from the simple ones to the more complex. In addition, some types of post caps have a solar panel included, not only improving the appearance of the fence but also producing light. You can easily install the cap by placing it on top of the fence post. In order to provide more stability for the cap, we recommend using an adhesive.

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