Vinyl fences vs wood fences

It’s always better to prepare yourself before going ahead with any home improvement project. It does not matter which material you choose, wood or vinyl, because the fence will be there for at least 10 years and you have to like what you have chosen.

No one can decide which one is better, wood or vinyl, but you.

Some people like wood fences and others prefer vinyl fences.

The affordability

The price of the fence is among the first criteria on which every homeowner decides what type of fence to buy. What is perfectly clear is that wood fences are cheaper but vinyl fences may be a little bit expensive at first, but once they are installed the maintenance will be zero. Even if wood fences will be more expensive in the future, it all comes down to what resources you have right now.

The look

Wood fences are much better than vinyl fences in terms of look, because of their rustic charm and blending with every type of landscaping design. Also, wood fences can be custom made in many types of options regarding the texture and design. All these are wood qualities that can’t be matched by vinyl fences. Maintenance will always be needed in case of wood fences, but this the price will be higher for its beauty.

The maintenance and durability

Here, vinyl fences are clearly much better than wood fences because they resist up to 50 years without too much maintenance. All you have to do is some dust removing and dirt cleaning and everything will look great. Also vinyl is resistant to rot, crack, any type of weather and termites.

In case of wood fences, they need to be sealed, stained and painted often so that they remain in good condition. If you decide to use wood, cedar and redwood are the best options. They can resist up to 20 years with proper finish.

The warranty

In case of warranty, vinyl fences are better than wood fences. Being susceptible to decay, wood fences receive quite rare a warranty. On the other hand, a vinyl fence will receive a warranty for at least 20 years, including even labor and installation.

After all this information, you can decide which one is better based on what aspects of a fence have a greater importance for you. In the end, you are the one who is making the choice.

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