Wood and Metal fence panels

When you’ve decided to put up a fence, the decision is hampered by the many wood and metal fence panels that can be found on the market. Next you will find some pros and cons for choosing either wood or metal fence panels.

The popularity of wood

Even there are so many alternatives, wood is still used intensively for fences.

Many fence panels that you see are made of wood.

Wood is easy to work with

When using wood, the job is much easier because all you need is a hammer and some nails. Also, wood can be found very easy at different lumber yards or local home supply shops. Another option can be the old homes from where it can be salvaged. You can choose the right type of wood by size, treatment or look because these can be found in many different options.


Wood doesn’t harm the nature because it’s a natural material and also a renewable one. To be more specifically, when wood is used it’s all about the trees that are cut down to work with.


Wood has more enemies than metal, like insects, rot and age. Because of these, it is not so durable and they make it weak. Even with all the treatments and protections, wood will finally fall pray to damage.

Heavy weather

Wood needs special treatments against weather but even these can’t be enough for high winds or heavy snow.

Metal options

Different kinds of metal can be used to build a fence like aluminum, wrought iron or chain link. None of them is perfect because each one has benefits and downfalls.


The only one which has a problem with rust is wrought iron but the others are not threatened by it. Wrought iron will need to be painted from time to time or otherwise rust will create big structural weaknesses.

How metal looks

One of the most beautiful ones is wrought iron. Aluminum is quite the same but it doesn’t give you the possibility to choose from many colors. Chain link is not so beautiful like the first two and surely it doesn’t have a chance in a designing competition. Sometimes it is coated with vinyl and the options for colors can make it a little bit interesting.

The strength

Most of them are strong, except the aluminum. If the fence you want to install will be touched frequently by kids then aluminum is not the solution. Instead, you can use without worry the wrought iron or chain link which are very strong.

Metals for DIY projects

If you think of installing the fence on your own, then aluminum or chain link are the best choices for your project. Wrought iron is not so good because it needs some soldering done and this makes it too complicated.

After all this information, you should feel more confident about the material you want to choose. Study carefully the information given and feel free to choose whatever you want to see in your yard.

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