Wrought iron fence

Wrought iron fences are not used so much anymore because many companies have replaced them with aluminum fences. Although wrought iron fences are much stronger and safer than aluminum fences, its installation has to be done by professionals or in some cases even by homeowners with the necessary tools and materials.


  1. First of all, you have to decide if a wrought iron fence is the right one for you.
    It works great for larger properties which have houses in Tudor or Victorian style. It’s better to think ahead at the gate too.
  2. Verify if the local inspector allows you to install a wrought iron fence. It may be possible to be a licensed contractor with masonry certification to be allowed to do that.
  3. The way you want to secure the wrought iron fence is very important. There are zoning laws that require concrete or cinder block construction for securing the wrought iron fence, so that it won’t cause any damages or injuries.
  4. The materials needed for the fence can be purchased from a fencing supply company. You may have to buy individual iron rods, horizontal connectors, corner posts, doors or gates.
  5. You will also need masonry materials because of the local zoning restrictions. The list includes concrete, masonry drilling equipment, cinder blocks and mounting hardware.
  6. If you install the wrought iron fence by yourself, you’ll need to follow the specifications received from the manufacturer. This means you have to pour concrete, dig holes and secure the posts with masonry bolts. When you are done, call a local zoning official to inspect it.


  • Aluminum fence has become a replacement for wrought iron fence because of the costs and labor.
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