About antique iron fireplaces

In the past, brick or stone fireplaces were very popular. Nowadays more and more users are turning yo cast iron fireplaces. Cast iron fireplaces will usually have a cast iron insert available.

The fireplace includes the hearth, surround and fireplace mantel. Another option is to have the firebox from cast iron and the other parts from the material of your choice.

Cast iron fireplaces are very easy to maintain, but still you will have to do a few things to keep it in a good condition. The cleaning methods depends on the material from which the fireplace is made. You can use methyl spirit and soft cloths for cast iron grates. Apply on small areas and continue to the rest of the fireplace. Use a black lead or graphite grate polish to enhance the look of the grate. You can also give it a thin coat of matte black stove paint.

Now, when it comes to design, you can choose from a standard insert or an arched one. Finding an antique fireplace for your taste shouldn’t be that hard. Search online for different cast iron fireplace designs.

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