About antique wood fireplaces

Although modern objects have invaded the market, people still want to decorate their homes in in a more old fashioned way. This is true especially when it comes to fireplaces. Today you can buy a gas or electric fireplace, but chopping the logs and making the fire all by yourself can be an enjoyable activity.

So, with all the modern fireplaces, firewood ones are still in style, especially antique fireplaces.

Antique fireplaces are a great addition to any home. Besides the heat that they provide they also enhance the look of your home, making it more elegant. You have tons of accessories for antique fireplaces. If you have a fireplace, you do not need to rebuilt another one, just change its look with some fine touches. Here are some accessories that can make your fireplace even more elegant.

Log baskets. These log holders are usually made from brass, iron or steel and will emphasize the traditional way of using logs for making a fire.

Glass andirons. You can buy andirons from any fireplace shop. Glass andirons can come in many different sizes and designs. You can buy a Gothic andiron.

Screens. For protection against sparks you can buy a fire screen. Old fashioned decorative fire screens are great for every fireplace.

Grates. One of the best additions for your fireplace is an engraved grate.

Candelabras. Candle candelabras are something that you must have on your fireplace. If you want a romantic getaway with candles and the fire burning in your fireplace, then they are a must have.

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