About designer fireplace mantels

If you have decided that you need a fireplace to enhance the look of your home, then you just have to choose the design of the fireplace and then call a contractor to build it for you. Now the hardest part of installing a fireplace is choosing the right design for your home. This can be a serious problem as you will have to think about size, materials and appearance.

The best choice and also the easiest is to find a designer that can help you with choosing this design, or maybe make one for you. Some designs are quite unique and you won’t find many homes with such fireplaces.

There are many types of fireplace mantels, with different sizes, styles and materials. It all depends on your preferences. They can be more expensive then most mantels but at least you can be sure that they are of great quality and that they will last longer then normal mantels.

Find something that will match your personality. There are many styles, like classic, modern and traditional. For classic styles use marble or cast stone fireplace mantels. These will add elegance to your home.

For more modern mantels, use wood and cast iron. You can also combine the two and maybe some marble and make yourself a unique fireplace.

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