About double fireplace mantels

Fireplaces have always been the center piece of any home. People who have them want them to be the attractive part of their room. They usually enhance their look with family photos and special objects.

Double fireplace mantels are special fireplace designed like no other. It’s a more unusual type of fireplace with two separate mantels put together.

The parts from the bottom of the mantels look like those from basic mantels. They can have columns attached to the shelf. You can choose any color or pattern that you want in order to achieve the look perfect for your home.

Now the upper part differs from normal mantels. It’s a more defined component and it’s closed at the very top of it in a curved arch. There can also be other designs. You can keep the back wall on the top portion of the mantel open or you can close it.

You can use candles and heirlooms and pictures to enhance the look of the fireplace. You should also consider the materials that will be used to build the fireplace. Wood is one of the most popular materials. Wood is light and also easier to install than other types of materials.

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