About log fireplace mantels

If you want to have a rustic home, than you should think of using wood to add this appearance to your rooms. Maybe you have a log cabin and you want to decorate it with a beautiful wooden table and chairs.

Rustic homes are very popular because of the comfort and warm atmosphere.

But ti achieve this feeling you will need to use the right materials. You need to know, that there’s no such thing as a rustic home without the right fireplace and mantel piece.

Stone fireplaces are very popular with rustic homes and for the mantel, well you can just use a log. This is the simplest solution and you will need just a log that will need to be sanded down. The log mantel will give your fireplace a nice surround.

You can find logs in different styles and colors. You can even find carved ones with a nice rustic look. They also have a darker finish, making them look even better.

It all depends on your preferences. You can also stick to more basic types of logs. They will also look great as a mantel piece.

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