About marbe fireplace mantels

Marble mantels will give every home a distinct historical look. They are very elegant and stylish. But they are also very expensive, because of the skills needed for the job.

The costs depend on the type of stone that is being used in the process. Pure white marble will be very expensive as it’s very rare and also gorgeous. But for a smaller price you can opt for marble that has been produced using mechanization.

For an even smaller price you can choose faux marble fireplace mantels. This is an imitation of marble, but it’s quite hard to tell the difference. Because of the advancements in technology, the faux marble has a much better quality.

The colors and textures are very vast, from blue, cream, red, to dark brown. Faux marble mantels can be found in even more colors.

Choosing the colors is very important. You shouldn’t choose colors that are too dark for your home. They will make the room feel smaller, but they may give a more elegant look.

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