About stone fireplace mantels

Stone fireplace mantels are very elegant and are perfect for more sophisticated homes. Marble is also very popular among users. This is not a surprise as marble is used for floors and countertops in antique houses.

Marble or stone are the materials of choice for fireplace mantels, although the prices might be high.

If you want to create a certain ambiance in your home, then you should choose the stone fireplace mantel. The fireplace will be the center piece of the house, showing class and style. This fireplace will turn heads.

If you have a large house that needs a large fireplace, then you will have to invest quite a lot. Especially if you want only the best materials. It is a good investment though, because it can last for decades.

There are many manufacturers around the world that produce stone or marble fireplace mantels, in a wide variety of styles and patterns. The great thing about stone fireplace mantels is that they are unique.

Installing a stone fireplace mantel is quite easy, despite general beliefs. You can do the job all by yourself. You will need to apply a penetrating sealer before mounting the stone mantel, and then reapply this sealer once a year to protect the stone.

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