About tile fireplace mantels

When choosing a fireplace mantel you will need to know exactly what type of design you want. Think of all the details and then picture the fireplace mantel in your head. Draw it if you can.

Wood and stone fireplace mantels do not allow you to create a unique pattern. They have their own patterns as they are basic materials.

Some people will want to have a material that they can shape and design as they want to. Tile fireplace mantels offer this possibility and they also allow the user to create different patterns. Tile fireplace mantels are not seen in many homes.

First of all you will need to choose the type of tiles that you want to use on your mantel. You can be truly unique by choosing tiles that have different colors of light and dark shades and you can create a special diamond pattern.

Decide on the size of the tiles. This also depends on the size of the fireplace. They can also be found in a wide variety of colors and it’s impossible to not find one that will suit your needs.

Before you install the mantel, make sure that you have a firm base. Usually you can choose a solid piece of wood and then use some special adhesive that will allow you to place the tiles around it, in the pattern of your choice. The back end needs to be clear so that you can install it on the wall.

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