About ventless gel fireplaces

If you want to enjoy the appearance of a traditional fireplace, but without all the maintenance and the logs, then you should consider buying an electric fireplace, or as an alternative you can use a special type of gel fuel and a special fireplace.

One of the biggest advantages is that this fireplace is very portable. It will cost you somewhere between $200 and $1000, depending on the size and the materials from which it’s built.

They do not need an electrical outlet or a gas line.

You can move it from one room to another or take it to your new home. They are also easy to clean and maintain.

The biggest disadvantage is that they are very small and cannot be your primary source of heat. The fuel will not produce any toxic fumes but will produce some levels of moisture.

They come pre-made. You just need to choose the design and the size. You can buy 25 cans of gel for $40 and a set of gel fireplace logs for $50 or more.

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