Accessories for antique fireplaces

If you want a complete traditional appearance for your fireplace, then you should buy some accessories. They add a lot more interest to those simple fireplaces.

Some of the accessories available for fireplaces are andirons, screens, tool sets, etc.

A set of antique andirons will enhance the look of your fireplace.

Accessories are very important for any fireplace. Just think of the effect that a log rack will have on your fireplaces. Also these accessories are very useful, not just made to look great. They usually are for cleaning the fireplace and maintaining the fire.

Repairs and restoration of an older fireplace needs to be done by a professional. Otherwise you risk getting poisoned by carbon monoxide. A professional will inspect the grates, the hobs and chimney.

If you do not have an antique fireplace, but you wish you had one, then you should consider going to a store that specializes in removing and preserving old fireplaces, hearths, mantelpieces, inserts and some accessories. A complete fireplace set can cost you up to $2500.

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