Corner fireplaces

Corner fireplaces are one of the most popular decorations that you can make to your home. There are hundreds of mantel designs for your corner fireplace and they will surely work with your home style, no matter what that may be. Corner fireplaces are unique and elegant.

Corner fireplaces are mainly used for decorations and not to provide heat to your home. You need to be careful though on choosing the right design for your home, as you will have to spend a lot of money and also you want the fireplace to fir in the decor.

These fireplaces are not usually used in small homes as they will take more space than normal wall mounted fireplaces. Because of the mantel and the elements that will protrude further out, the fireplace will take up more space and make the room look smaller. So, make some precise measurements and see what size should the fireplace be.

It’s also important to choose the materials for the fireplace. They are usually made from wood, stone and bricks. Wood is the most popular materials because it’s easy to maintain, install and it’s also very durable and light. You can further decorate the mantel by placing some special picture or objects with sentimental value.

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