Fireplace accessories made from cast iron

If you want to fully use your fireplace, then you should have the necessary accessories. You will need some fireplace tools, screens, grates and grills. You do not need all of these items, but at least the tools and screens are best to have.


One of the most popular accessories for fireplaces are the cast iron screens. They can be found in many designs that can match any type of fireplace. Some of them can have a glass screen with a metal frame or they can be designed with cast iron. They can cost you around $90.

Fireplace tools

You will surely need some tools to help you maintain the inside and outside of your fireplace. Even if you do not use the fireplace very often you can still buy some to complete the design.

Cast iron fireplace tools are very durable and it’s worth buying them. They also go along very well with any fireplace. They come in sets and contain a shovel, broom, poker and tongs. You can buy them for $50 or more.


Grates are other accessories used with fireplaces. They are usually used with cast iron fireplaces and they will help absorb the heat from the fire. They are placed inside of the bottom of the fireplace and they hold the logs or coal.This way the fireplace will become more efficient. You can buy grates for $80.


You can use grilles as an alternative for screens. They are best used with larger fireplaces and for people that like the fire burning. The grills will help distribute the heat through the home. They can cost between $100 and $150.

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