Fireplace enclosures

Fireplace enclosures represent great advantages like preventing heat from escaping from the room, the oxygen level in the fireplace will be lower, thus the wood will burn slower. Fireplace enclosures help your heating system to be more efficient and thus using less wood. This will also lower the time needed for maintenance.

Glass fireplace enclosures

Glass doors are the most popular fireplace enclosures. They offer a nice appearance and they are also easier to clean than other materials. The main disadvantage is that the material is very fragile.

There are a few types of glass for fireplaces. You can buy bronze glass that will give your room a warm glow.

Metal fireplace enclosures

With metal you have unlimited design possibilities. Metal is relatively easy to work with. You can also paint and decorate it to blend into your room. Durability isn’t a problem as metal can withstand very high temperatures. It give a nice rustic charm to any fireplace.

Festive fireplace enclosures

This type of enclose usually allows you to change the appearance of the enclosures according to the seasons. They come with a few rotating enclosures.

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