Fireplace mantels made from oak

One of the more traditional types of wood used for fireplace mantels is the oak. The natural look is quite amazing and it gives a nice elegant feeling to your home. But just because the wood gives our fireplace a more traditional look, it doesn’t mean that it cannot be used for modern homes.

Oak is one of the most popular and durable types of wood. It comes in dark and light colors and it one of the most versatile types of wood. They also offer elegance.

There are many manufacturers that use oak for fireplace mantel pieces, in different sizes, styles and designs. It all depends on how much you want to spend on a mantel. Larger fireplaces can use a more elegant mantel, with different decorative elements.

Almost all oak fireplace mantels have intricate carvings, making them unique. Many of these carvings are simple, but they offer a beautiful look.

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