Fireplace mantle design

Fireplace mantles have the ability to help any fireplace to stand out in any room. The wide variety of designs make it impossible for you not to find anything. Mantles help create the feel of mid-century English manors or antique an feel.

Some of the most popular materials used for mantles are hardwood, granite and marble.


If you’re looking for a country look, then you should choose to incorporate a mantle made of exotic hardwood like cherry, oak or walnut. These types of woods have a nice natural finish that needs no staining. You can also use ogee and chamfered edges. These edges can be combine with decorative elements to create an even astonishing look.


If you’re looking for a stone mantle, then granite should be your choice. This material is very durable and needs no maintenance. It can provide many designs and decorative features. They can also be combined with decorative edges, the same types as for hardwood mantles.


Marble mantles give an astonishing stylish look to your home. They come in many styles and colors. Also the edges are the same as those for granite and hardwood mantles. It’s also very durable and offers a breathtaking look.

Choosing the material for your fireplace mantle depends on the furniture and style of your room and also on your desires. They are all great and will give a nice new look to any fireplace. The installation process is a little more difficult for marble and granite mantles but, as we said, they need less maintenance than hardwood mantles.

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