Fireplace tools for antique designs

Fireplace tools do not add just functionality to a fireplace but also they enhance the appearance. They make the fireplace a focal point in any room. There are many fireplace tools and also they can be found in many designs and sizes.

Some of these tools are screens, pokers, shovels, brushes, stands and brooms. Screens are necessary for any fireplace because they protect your home from sparks and flames, and also keep your pets and children away from the fire. A poker is used to push burning materials. It has an insulated handle for heat protection. The tong tool is used to pick up pieces of wood. The shovel and the brush are used to clean the dust and the ash from the fireplace.

The most common antique fireplace tools are Brass, Marble or Black-polished ones. Brass tools are very functional and embody elegant features. Brass tools are a combination of traditional. These tools are also very durable and eye-catching.

Marble tools are very resistant to erosion and fire. They add sophistication and style to any fireplace. They are some of the most popular choices when it comes to antique fireplaces. They come in many colors, like cream, gray , red, green.

Black-polished antique fireplace tools add class to the decor of your room. Some noticeable features are the striking twists. These tools can be accented with broom caps, satin nickel on the handle.

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