How to install a floating fireplace mantel

Many choose to install a floating fireplace mantel because they are easy to install and are unique. They are great for placing large objects over the fireplace or for small fireplaces with no place to put things.

The installation process is more than easy, but you will still have to do a few things.

First of all choose the right mantel for your fireplace from your local hardware store. Choose the right size and style to match your fireplace.


  • The first step is to determine the height at which the mantel will be placed. Most people place mantels at 60″ above the floor. Mark the place and then make sure that the lines are even and the mantel will be leveled.
  • For the holes use a drill with a 3/4″ masonry bit. The holes need to be no more than 3″ deep.
  • Now set up the lead sleeves into the holes. These will take hold of the masonry surfaces after the lag screws have been installed.
  • Secure some 10″ lag bolts into each of the sleeves. Use an angle grinder to cut off the heads from the lag bolts.
  • Now you will need to mark the places where the lag bolts will hit. Mark the mantel holes so that they align with the lag bolts. Drill holes across the mantel for the lag bolts. The holes need to be 1/2″ in size.
  • Apply some high temperature silicone to the end of each lag bolt and then press the mantel firmly on them.
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