Mantel accessories for your fireplace

If you do not have any accessories for your fireplace, then it’s not complete. Accessories will give the final look of your fireplace mantel. These not only give certain functionality, but also enhances the look of your fireplace.

One of the most used accessories is the fireplace screen. They can be found in a wide variety of designs and styles. You can choose them according to the style of your fireplace: traditional, classic, modern. The screen also protects your room from sparks and fire accidents.

Some basic accessories are pictures and family photos, or other objects with sentimental value. They are very popular because people like to show their family and important events.

You can also buy candles as accessories. These will help you create a more romantic atmosphere.

During the holidays you will have dozens or more of accessories. You can use garlands intertwined with lights. Place the garlands over the fireplace shelf. Also you can use candles and why not some branches of pine tree.

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