Mantel cabinets

Many people have problems seeing the differences between simple mantels and mantel cabinets. Standard fireplace mantels are designed to allow some space to place objects on top of the mantel.

Fireplace cabinets are very similar, only that they offer a lot more space to place objects on top.

The space is almost like a shelf from a cabinet. These mantel cabinets allow you to place larger objects, like televisions.

Those who have fireplaces installed in the center of the room can install cabinets all around the fireplace. The nice thing is that these cabinets seem to be part of the mantel.

Some homeowners have built cabinets around the fireplace mantel, but they left a space above to make some room for a television. You can also add books, movies and special memorabilia.

The design of mantel cabinets is quite unique. You won’t see the same design as your mantel cabinet in many homes.

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