Outdoor fireplaces

If you love spending your time outside in the fresh air, then you can improve the look of your relaxation spot with an outdoor cast iron fireplace. Designing a garden and a patio means choosing the right furniture and accessories.

Cast iron fireplaces are very durable and they have a nice rustic feel.

They provide warmth and also ambient light. There are three main outdoor fireplace types: chimnea, garden style, and fire pits. They are all similar but they are also unique.

Chimnea fireplace

This is a Mexican design that is very popular and it’s perfect for small patios and decks. They have a long neck that extends out of the top of the fireplace for the smoke ventilation. Some units may allow you to remove the top neck and install a grill for cooking. It can cost you up to $300.

Garden style fireplaces

They are great for gardens as you may have guessed. They are made to be used as a fireplace, oven or grill. They are great looking, giving a more rustic look to your garden. They can be used at campsites, gardens and any other recreational areas. They can go up to $400.

Fire pits

Cast iron fire pits are the most affordable and have the most basic design. They have a solid base all around it. They provide warmth and light and cannot be used for grilling or as an oven. They can cost you $200.

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