Stone vs brick fireplace


Both materials are very durable but each give a different look and sense. The brick fireplace give a nice, warm atmosphere and because they do not have the same color and texture, they give a great visual experience. Buy used brick gathered from demolished buildings because they will be cheaper and also they will age the fireplace.

Stone give a more clean look and a stone fireplace can fit in any modern or traditional room. You can build the fireplace from marble, limestone and slate. You can also order custom designed stone and one of the most popular is cast stone. This is made from stone chippings cast under pressure.


A brick fireplace will be much easier to install then a stone fireplace, mainly because of the weight. Bricks are much lighter than stone and you will need no assistance. Also with stone you need to be careful not to crack the pieces because you will need to replace them all.


If sealed properly, stone fireplaces can be cleaned with just a clean, damp cloth. Brick fireplace owners say that the brick doesn’t needs any cleaning, only some dusting once in a while and that bricks age nicely.

Also repairs are important on fireplaces. Brick fireplaces will be easier to repair than stone fireplace, but cracks can be easily hidden.


There is also a difference when it comes to costs. Bricks can be found almost anywhere and also they come in different grades and qualities. You can buy cheap bricks from demolition sites. Stones are more expensive to produce and they will surely cost you more than bricks.

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