Victorian fireplaces

For new homes, electric fireplaces are the most common used. This is because they are the safest. However there are people that want a more rustic or classic fireplace inside their home.

Victorian cast iron fireplaces are very popular.

Outdoor fireplaces and classic wood burning stoves are all made from cast iron. Cast iron fireplaces have a certain feel and look. They look like they have been around for ages.

Normal cast iron fireplaces are usually very small, unlike Victorian cast iron fireplaces that are quite large and also have an elegant look that will help make the room classier.

You can buy the fireplace in a more lighter or darker color. It depends on the colors used in your home. These fireplaces have mantels, fire back bars, and grates. They places where the logs are kept and where the wood burns are quite small.

Even though they are made of cast iron, they are made to be light. They can cost between $600 and $1000. You can use Victorian fireplaces just for decoration or you for warming your room.

You should pay attention to the ornamental design. Some of them may be simpler, but most of them are full of decorations. See which one suits your room better.

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