Wood fireplace: types and accessories

Wood fireplaces can be used as a secondary heat source or even as a primary one. Newer fireplaces are more energy efficient then old ones and represent a cost advantage.

All fireplaces need a venting system.

Usually this is represented by the chimney, but the main disadvantage is that it also pulls heat out of the room. To solve this problem you can use a heat resistant glass door.

Gas fireplace

Gas fireplaces use natural or LP gas and can be used as a primary source of heating.They need a venting system, just like any other fireplace, and newer models can be vented using a power vent, directly through the wall. These is no need for chimneys.

Vented gas log

They need a venting system installed on the roof of your home. It is a powerful heat source as it can operate at a range of 60.000 to 90.000 BTUs. These fireplaces are usually made out of ceramic or cement materials, and can be found in a wide variety of designs. They do not need electricity to operate.

Vent free gas log

Because it operates with the chimney damper closed, it loses little heat. The heating power is about 40.000 BTUs. Every model that was produced after 1980 has a safety system that shuts the gas flow if the level of oxygen in the room is low. It is also made of ceramic and cement and it needs no electricity to operate.


Fireplace insert

They imitate the effect of a wood stove and can be inserted into any fireplace. They draw air from the room and after it has been circulated around the insert it blows it back in the room.


This add is used for air circulation and also for safety. It prevent logs from rolling out of the fireplace and allows a better air circulation while the ash falls into a pan.


The andiron has the same function as the grates. They are decorative metal bars with front shafts that prevent the logs from rolling out. It also allows a better air circulation.

Glass Enclosure

Using a glass door can help the heating system. This prevent the hot air from escaping from the room off on the chimney and also makes the wood burn more slowly because it lowers the oxygen level. This means that more heat will be produced.

It also has a safety function as it doesn’t allow the sparks from escaping the fireplace and also the smoke.

Fireplace set

These are the tools that you will need on making and maintaining the fire. It usually contains a stand, fire poker, ash shovel and a broom.

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