Cement floors

Cement floors are very popular and used for their low price and their durability. Also they can be found in a wide range of designs. They are used even for bathroom flooring, but this is not indicated as they are always exposed to daily wear.

Concrete floors can also be used in areas with high humidity, like in showers. Although they’re very resistant, the floor’s surface can chip away if exposed to high usage. This means that the inner layers will be exposed. The rough surface traps dust particles that tend to increase in volume if they absorb water. This leads to cracks and thus damaging the cement floor. Also the cracks can hide bacterial microorganisms.

The cement is by nature a little porous and is prone to water seepage. This means that stains can easily affect the cement floor. Damage through water seepage can be done to the plumbing too. The floor expands and applies pressure to the plumbing installation. This can result in leakages.

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