Concrete flooring

Because concrete flooring offers a wide range of prices and decorations, they have become very popular among users.

It is know that concrete floors are more durable than cement floors. Cement floors can easily be damaged by water and of course by high traffic.

Also, the decorations of concrete floors can be found in a higher number than cement ones.

Staining and painting

One way through which you can make concrete floors more beautiful is by painting them. You can use coloring immediately after the concrete mix is poured or even when you prepare the concrete. It depends if you want the coloring to the permanent or not. You can make the concrete look like real stone.

Scoring and stamping

Scoring means making superficial cuts and create designs. These designs can then be colored. Stamping means using a imprinting technique to create brick or wood patterns on the floor.

Sealers and wax

When you prepare the concrete, you can add some wax or a sealer to increase the durability of the floor and also give it a glossy look. The wax can be used with colors to give them a deeper shade.

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