Costs of sagging floors

If you’ve noticed that the attic from your new home has a sagging floor then you know that you need to repair it no matter what. Let’s take a look at your options.

Contractor costs

Before you start fixing the problem, just call a contractor or two and ask them to make an estimation of the costs.

The contractors need to have some experience in the field.


If the problem is related to the foundation, then you should feel a little relieved. This can be easily dealt with but it will cost a lot, somewhere around $6-7000.

Constructions skills

Sagging floor problems related to bad constructions skills are much harder to fix. This will need a special constructions company. Maybe you will need to hire a contractor too, but be careful that he has much experience.

For the sagging floor problems to be solved, the construction company will use some special jacks, and if your house is quite large, they may use up to 20-25 of them. These are not normal jacks but hydraulic ones. A contractor may charge you from $800 to $4500 depending on the structure of your house.

Also you may need new piers. Depending on the quality, they may cost from $150 to $600. Girder installation may cost you up to $50 on a linear foot.

So this repair may cost you up to $6-7000 or even more. Be sure that the investment it’s worth it.

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