Decorative concrete floors

Decorative concrete floors have become more and more popular not only because their decorations but for some advantages that they provide.

First of all, you may be wondering what decorative concrete floors are. Well they are just concrete floors with a pattern applied so that they look nicer.

There are tons of patterns that you can apply with a wide variety of models and colors.


You can use any technique that you are most comfortable with, but one of the most popular is staining the concrete. You can choose even a color scheme that suits you best.

Now, you can also add a texture to the floor. To do this you can use floating, troweling, brooming and concrete scoring techniques. You can add more than colors, you can also add a depth feeling and shadows.

Stamping the concrete is another popular and easy technique. You can use different kinds of stamps. You can place a pattern just in the middle of the room or at the entrance. The advantage of stamps is that you may add a different look to the floor, like wood, tiles,marble etc.


Decorating the floors will not only beautify the place but also to add some durability on the surface of the concrete. If you add some decorations, your floor will last longer than any other floor material. With stained concrete, you will need to refinish the look once a few decades, while if you use some rags, you may need to replace them once in a few years.


Concrete floors are very easy to clean, and another advantage is that decorations don’t usually require special maintenance. Just use a broom or a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt and then use a mod and water to clean it. Water does not damage the floor. It’s a great alternative to any home flooring.

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