How much does travertine flooring cost?

Travertine flooring has become very popular because of the natural colors that are found in the rock. Because it is a difficult material to work with, it can be a little expensive.

Cost of stone

The costs are quite high for a square foot, about $2.

5 for each. Marble can start from $4 and go up to $35. Granite is also an expensive rock. Travertine tiles come in pieces of 18×18 inches. If you start and sum up the alternatives, you may come to the conclusion that travertine flooring isn’t as expensive as it first looks.

Thinset cost

When talking about travertine flooring costs, we need to take a look at the thinset used for the installation. The thins is that travertine floors need a special thinset that is quite different from the one used for ceramic and porcelain floors. Thus, the thinset cost may add a little more.


Usually the travertine floor installation can be much as 3 times more expensive than normal floor installations. This is due to the fact that the stone is delicate and the professional needs to pay more attention to the details. You can expect the job to cost $6 or more on a square foot.


It’s best that you buy a few more pieces just to be sure that you are assured in case the floor needs some repairs. This should be done with any ceramic floor tiles, but with travertine flooring, it’s not such a problem. Because the pattern differs from piece to piece all around the floor, you can always find some travertine floor pieces that can fit in.

Some advantages of travertine floors is that they are easy to maintain, replace and it looks awesome.

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