How to clean marble, ceramic tiles and slate floors

Not only that a nice clean makes your floors look nicer but also prevents them from getting damaged and allows them to last for years.

If you walk with your shoes on, you should know that the sand and dirt act like a sandpaper and shortens the life of your floors.It’s better if you use slippers or socks inside the house.


For marble floor cleaning you should use only some warm water. Don’t use vinegar because the acid damages the surface. Also use a dry towel to dry the floors. The surface of marble pieces gets easily spotted.

Ceramic tiles and slate

Also these two can be cleaned only with warm water. To make their life longer, once in a while use a sealant for the grout especially. Spills should be cleaned immediately.

If the grout areas are stained, just use a mix of one part hydrogen peroxide and one part water and apply it on the spotted area. Let it set for 15 minutes. Be careful with colored grouts. You shouldn’t use the mixture on them. It will remove the color from them.

If the stains still persists, then use an old towel and some peroxide directly on the spot. Hold the towel with the peroxide solution on the spot and let it dissolve the stain. If this doesn’t work either, use peroxide and backing soda.

Another solution is shaving cream. Use it first on some hidden parts to see if the solution discolors the grout. If not use it on the stain.

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