Linoleum tiles maintenance

One of the most popular and durable types of flooring is linoleum flooring. The only thing you need to do to keep it in good shape is a quick cleaning every now and then.

Regular sweeping

The easiest thing that you can do to maintain the quality and finish of the linoleum is clean it once in a while.

Dust and dirt can act as a sandpaper when you walk on them, thus damaging the linoleum surface.


For mopping the floors you need to use only some warm water and maybe a little special linoleum cleaner. Be sure that the cleaning solution is recommended for linoleum use.


The most important thing that you need to do is avoid spilling any liquids around the edge of the floor. Moisture is the worst enemy of linoleum and flooring in general. You should use some sealers to prevent moisture from appearing. Also ventilation is very important. It removes the moisture better than everything.


If the linoleum tiles get damaged, use some sealer to cover the spot. This will prevent dirt and dust, and of course moisture from affecting even more the linoleum. The good thing is that the linoleum has the same color all the way through the material.

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