Raised floor systems

There are two reasons to construct raised floors. The first one is because maybe the building doesn’t have a basement, and there is a need for a storage place. Most of the times, this type of raised floor is used for homes.

The second reason is because that certain building has a need for hiding cable networks, power cables, plumbing and heating systems.

Raised floors for home

The reason why they’re used for homes is that they give a practical function. The ventilation under the house is improved, thus moisture is eliminated and the risk of water damage is reduced. It also make a great storage space.

Also plumbing comes in the discussion. If there is a damage pipe, it will be easier for you to change it if you have raised floors. The access to the plumbing is much improved. Also the raised floors may hide a heating system and it also lets you install a floor heating one.

Raised floors are also great in areas where floods are common. They offer protection to the house structure.

The value of your home will increase a little because of the high and better view.

Raised floors in industrial buildings

In these building, raised floors also serve as a practical function. Computer systems can be vast and there are also network cables, printers, copiers etc. All those cables need to be put together and away from users. The floors also can hide plumbing and permit better access for eventual reparations.

With raised floors, panels can be installed to better access a certain part of a wiring system or plumbing.

There are many advantages for constructing raised floors, like ventilation, reducing humidity, plumbing, wiring, etc..

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