Uneven floor repairs

If you’ve decided to install a new floor and you find out that the sub-floor is uneven, you’re probably wondering how you can resolve the problem. Here are some solutions for your problem.

Self-leveling compound

The great thing about this type of compound is that it can be used with concrete sub-floor as well as with wood sub-floor.

This is a material that is similar with concrete or cement. It comes in powder form. This means that you must mix it with water and then create a paste. Then all you need to do is apply it to the gaps and it will level itself.


For uneven sub-floors you can also use plywood. This method is great if you have wood sub-flooring. Thus you will create a perfect even sub-floor on which you can install the floor.

For larger difference you can use a thicker plywood sheet. Also, plywood can resolve problems with wavy floors. Because the sheets are quite big, they can cover almost any differences.

One thing that you need to worry about is that of using nails that are large enough to go through the sub-floor underneath. For concrete use bolts.


For large bumps, you can grind the concrete floor and sand the wood sub-floor.

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