Blue rose bush watering

The Blue Girl rose is the only natural rose that has blue flower blooms. It is the result of a hybrid tea rose. The actual color will turn into a gray-blue.

The plant has a great scent and about 40 petals when reaching maturity, It usually blooms in the middle of the plant and can reach heights of 4 feet. Watering this plant is easy if you plant it properly.


Plant the rose bush at least ½ inch under the ground. Make sure the roots are spread out and aren’t bent. When you are sure it is positioned properly, cover the roots with soil.

Watering process

Make sure the soil around the plant is compacted. Mulch is usually used at the base of the plant because it retains moisture and prevents weeds from growing. Water the plant with a garden hose to eliminate any air pockets in the soil. Make sure to regularly water the plant about once a week. It is best to water the ground around the plant then the plant itself because water on the leaves increases the chance of fungus. Use half a cup of fertilizer on the plant in spring before it blooms. Repeat the process in mid summer.

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