Caring for miniature roses

Miniature roses are great for every garden. They are small enough to be planted almost anywhere, directly in your garden, in suspended or standing pots.

Planting miniature roses

Before you buy the seeds or the grown roses, you should first find the perfect place for them in your garden.

Miniature roses need a lot of sun. They need to be planted in a sunny location, with as little shade as possible. Next you will need to make sure the soil is fertile. You will need to have nutrient-rich loam with balanced moisture. This will ensure a quick drainage. You can use compost to grow the roses healthier, compost made of peat moss, leaf mould and mushrooms.

Only after checking your garden you can start the planting. First of all, dig a deep hole and place a layer of super phosphate or bone meal. Now, place the rose in the hole, one inch above it’s existing root system. Then add some aerated and loose soil until you reach the garden level and water it well.

If you want, you can plant the miniature roses in containers. If you want to do this, make sure you use some easy crumbled soil that will let the water seep out effectively. Also use compost for the roses in the container.

Fertilizing the soil

In order to keep your roses healthy you will need to add nutrients to the base of the plants from time to time. If you’ve recently relocated a miniature rose in your garden or to a new container, then you should wait two weeks and then add some fertilizer. You can add fish emulsion or soluble rose fertilizer. For more information, you can ask your local gardener.

Caring for miniature roses

Like any other roses, miniature ones also need pruning and trimming. Remove all the dead blooms, twigs and excess leaves. Use only sharp shears to minimize the damage to the flower. Prune the rose after one year after it’s planting.

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