Cleaning a silk rose bush

Silk rose bushes are great for every home, because they add appeal, character and beauty. These flowers bloom all year round and they never fade. One thing that you need to do to keep their beauty is clean them.

Damp cloth cleaning

In order to clean the roses you can use a damp cloth. Run it over the leaves. This will help you get rid of the dust from the leaves and flowers. The cloth needs to be soft in order not to damage the flowers.


Besides the damp cloth you can use a light atomizer to clean the flowers. Spray water on the flowers as soft as possible.

Plastic bags

You can even use some ecological methods to clean the roses. Place a plastic bag over the bush, during the day and in humid regions, and there will be some condensation. After the bag will get water droplets on it, remove it from the bush and then turn it over and shake the water on top of the bush. This is a natural way to water the roses and keep them clean.

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