Climbing roses

Growing climbing roses may become a difficult task in a well shaded garden. If the roses aren’t completely deprived of sunlight, they can still flourish. All they need is about 4 hours of direct or indirect sunlight.

Shropshire Lad

This rose variety can be grown in a bunch or vine. It is very resistant and healthy and offers a pleasant fruity scent. It usually grows in a shade of peach.

Alberic Barbier

This rose with an evergreen foliage comes is white and can grow and spread to 20 feet.


This rose has a yellow color and blooms in summertime. Its color will turn into a light orange overtime.

Alister Stella Gray

Planted in many gardens, this rose variety has yellow or pale cream flowers and a light scent. It will bloom repeatedly.

Cecille Brunner

This rose variety will grow in many types of climates and conditions. Its flowers are usually light pink. This rose will bloom multiple times.

Danse du Fleur

This rose has trusses of double blooming flowers. It is one of the few red roses that are able to grow in a shaded garden. It will bloom repeatedly.

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