Coffee grinds and fertilization

Every gardener and home owner should know that every flower needs fertile soil to grow and blossom. One of the most useful products for fertilizing your garden soil is coffee grinds. This is an effective and natural way to have healthy plants in your garden.

Making coffee grinds fertilizer

You can use different methods of creating fertilizer from coffee grinds. The easiest way to do this is to just sprinkle plain dried up grinds near the plants. One other way is to put the coffee grinds in a compost heap and then use that compost to fertilize the soil. You can also mix 3 parts wood ash with one part coffee grinds and then mix it all and sprinkle it around the plants. You can also create a fluid mixture, with 1/2 a pound of used grounds and 5 gallons of water.


The main reason why coffee grinds are great for roses is that they have nitrogen in them. This makes the soil become neutral to acidic, making it perfect for plants like roses. Also, what roses need is loose soil for their roots to have more space. This is another reasons why coffee grinds are used. Coffee grinds are also a natural repellent for insects.


Do not overuse coffee grinds to fertilize the soil. It may get very acidic, thus attacking the plants. Do not use more than 2 cups of grinds per rose/bush. Also, if the grinds do not get absorbed by the soil, they may create mold, that can attack the plants.

How to get grinds

First of all you can save them from making coffee. If you are not a coffee drinker, you can always go to your local restaurant and ask them for the grinds.

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