Common rose problems

Roses have long been the rulers of all gardens. They have a great symbolic importance, making them one of the most loved flowers in gardens.

All roses, like all flowers in fact, are prone to problems, like insect problems, diseases, etc.

It’s not rocket science to take care of roses, but it’s still important to know a few things about rose care.

Black spots

Black spots are maybe the most common problem to appear on roses. This disease usually kills the leaves. First the leaves will get tiny black spots on them, and then they will turn yellow.

What you can do to stop this disease is remove all the affected leaves. This will prevent the disease from spreading to the other parts of the plant. Also remove the leaves that have fallen near the base of the rose.

Stunted and distorted roses

This diseases is also known as powdery mildew. This disease will affect the stems, leaves and buds of the plant. Because the plant is affected by a fungus, you can treat it with an anti fungal spray.

Dying leaves

Another disease that affects mainly the leaves is rose rust. This disease has the same color as rust and appears on the back of the rose leaves. This is a very resistant disease, as it can sprout anew in the spring if not removed.

You should remove all the affected leaves to prevent the disease from spreading. You can also try an anti-fungal spray.

Malformed flowers and leaves

Malformed flowers and leaves can be caused by many diseases, but the most common reason is spider mites. These insect will nest on the back of the leaves and they will suck the liquids from the plant.

These insect are quite easy to get rid off. You can just use a strong stream of water to remove them from the plant.

White webbing

Aphids are the main reason for white webbed leaves. These are also small insects, like spider mites, that damage the leaves. They can also be found on the back of the leaves. They can also be removed with a strong stream of water.

Distorted blooms

Thrips is one of the main reasons why some blooms are distorted or they never open. These are slender brownish or yellowish insects that usually live near the flower buds. Because they suck the nutrients from the plant, the blooms will never open.

You can use some insecticide to remove them.

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