Drying fresh roses

Drying a rose the right way will ensure that it will resist in time more than usual.

Air drying

The first method involves drying the roses in a dark place. What you will need is a cloth hanger, wires and a dark place.

Then you need to cut the rose from the plant. Remove the stem as close to the flower. Then use the wire to get it in the spot where the stem was. Do not get it through the other side. Then, bend the wire to form a barb and then hang it on the cloth changer. Let the roses to dry for 2-3 weeks.

Sand drying

Another way to dry roses is by using sand. This method is very effective but it’s a little bit more difficult. You need to be very careful not to damage the rose. You will also need some wire, white sand and a box.

So what you need to do is cut the flower so that the stem is one inch long. Poke the flower, near the stem, with the wire, until it’s secure. You will need a box tall enough for the rose to stand up in it. Now, place the rose in the box and cover it with sand. After the roses get dry, they can be easily shattered, so pay great attention.

Book drying

This is the easiest of the methods, but it’s also the most destructive, as you will loose the shape of the rose. The book method will flatten the rose. You will need a large hard-cover book and a lot of tissues.

You will also need to remove the stem from the flower. Open the book at the half, and then place tissues over both sides. Place the rose between the pages and then close the book. You can place a heavy objects over the rose. Wait for the flower to dry.

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