Grafting roses plants

One of the best ways of getting all year round consistent blooms of roses is by grafting roses that are suitable to your climate.In the following article you will find some tips on how to do the grafting the right way.

Some of the tools and materials that you will need are:

  • Sharp grafting knife
  • Spray bottle
  • Scion
  • Under stock
  • Water
  • Grafting wax or grafting tape
  • Plastic bag
  • Fertilizer

Grafting knife

It’s not the best solution to use a household knife, because it may not be sharp enough.

You can buy special grafting knives from any gardening center.


You will need to choose the best time for beginning the grafting procedure. This time is when the petals begin to drop and the blooms are fading.

You will need to hold the rose plant that you wish to boom and make sure it has at east 2 buds. Cut the bottom edge in a V-shape. This is the scion.

Now, place the graft piece on a clean surface and moisten it to prevent it from drying.

Stock cutting

Next you will need to make a small smooth notch in the stem of the rose plant you want to attach the graft to. This is called the stock.

Making the grafting

You will now need to join the scion and the stock. This part of the process needs to be done immediately after the stock cutting, otherwise the cut will dry out.

Joint covering

For making the joint, you need to use some grafting tape and apply it over the union. You can also use wax. Spray some water over the union.


Use a plastic bag to cover the grafter plant. It needs to be kept in a cool location. The grafted plant needs to be left undisturbed for four to seven weeks in order for it to heal properly.

After the plant has healed, you can slowly acclimatize it to your garden.

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