Grow roses in shade

Say you like roses, but you do not have a garden that has at least five hours of sun per day. Well, there are still solutions. You can have a garden full of flowers, even in shade.

You will need a few tools and materials: rose bushes, garden tools, compost and gloves.

Rose choosing

There are some varieties of roses that blossom more than one time a year. These roses will usually thrive also in the shade. What you need to do is go to your local gardening center and ask for this type of roses.

Planting the roses

You should choose the sunniest place in the garden. And it that place is taken, you can always prune trees and bushes to make some light. Also make sure that the tree roots near the roses will not cover them up.

Roses tips

The type of the soil the roses grow in is very important as it must contain phosphates and compost. It also need to be covered in mulch. You will need to water the plants regularly.

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