Growing a moss roses in containers

Moss roses are plants that can be easily grown in plastic containers. All you need is some soil, the seeds, a container and water. Moss roses can come in many colors and varieties.

The great thing about these roses is that they do not need much water to grow.


If you do not have a container, you can always reuse a flowing pot. You just need to have one large container that can accommodate all the plants. Use soap and water to clean the container.

Soil and pebbles

Now it’s time to fill the flower pot. What you need to do is place rocks and pebbles at the bottom of the flower pot. Then you will need to add a layer of charcoal. Only now you should add the soil.

Why this layering? Because it will protect the flowers from retaining too much water.

Planting the seeds

This is a simple step. You will just need to push the seeds approximately 1 inch in the soil. This will allow the flower to get to the surface and the roots to get to the water.


Now you will need a spray bottle. Use it to moisten the seeds and the soil. Water the seeds daily for 3-4 weeks. After this period you can water them more seldom.

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