Growing climbing roses

Climbing roses are maybe the easiest to grow, because they need the least caring. They are great for adding a touch of color to your home.


It’s very important to choose a spot for planting the climbing roses.

Have in mind that they need to have an structure near to climb on. Climbing roses also need a lot of sun.You can build a trellis specially for this purpose or you can use an existing structure.

Preparing the soil

You will need to dig a 2 feet deep hole in your garden. It’s essential to have loose soil around the plant to allow it to grow.

After digging the hole, add a layer of fertilizer, like cow manure, and then cover it with another layer of soil. Do not compact the layers. Only after you should add the plant.

How to plant the roses

Take the remaining soil from the hole and mix with some mulch. Place the rose in the center of the hole and then cover the roots with the soil and mulch mix.

Watering the plant

Immediately after transplanting the rose, you will need to water it. Always try to water it at the base, and in the morning.


Pruning is a very important part of the growing process of the roses. Pruning the roses will help them keep blossoming all year round. Remove dead leaves, branches and buds that are growing towards the plant and not on the outside.

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